A "Wonko the Sane" moment…

Posted at 2008-10-22 15.40


Either this is a deeply insightful pastiche on the worst of Wikipedia articles (complete with "This article does not cite any references or sources.") or it really is a new depth in Wikipedia. Whatever it is, it’s terribly amusing.

2 Comments for 'A "Wonko the Sane" moment…'

    2008-10-23 | 08.01 +0100

    It’s just a shame that it wasn't the A42 article…

    2008-10-23 | 23.16 +0100

    Well, there’s a misspelling (carrigeway), but it sounds reasonably confident. Personally I only really know the Snake Pass stint. Somebody really needs to get a life, though. (and it’s not often that *I* get to say that!)

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